"I have a lot of friends and it’s like a whole new world opening up for me."
- Taylor (student)

" The first time my son ever got invited to a birthday party was at Pepin."
- Michelle (parent)

" These kids can do so many things and they have so much to offer."
- Craig Butz ( Pepin Academies Hillsborough Executive Director)

" I’ve had phenomenal teachers who are always happy to help me."
- Anna (student)

" They teach a different way. They will teach it to you until you get it, they won’t just move on."
- Jordan (student)

" After you’re here for just a short time, they take a piece of your heart."
- Terri Phillips (teacher)

"I consider Pepin Academies home and without it, there would be a void, not only in my life, but in our students’ lives."
- Kelly Cassidy (teacher)

" Pepin Academies has helped me, not only with my academics, but with my social skills as well. I can now look people in the eye when I talk to them."
- Nicholas (student)